3 Ways Virtual Reality Will Affect Online Gaming

Virtual Reality is taking over the world, one industry at a time. There have been VR sports, and even VR theme parks set up, and no it seems that there would be VR online gaming as well.

VR could be a foreign concept for those of us who have not had the opportunity to buy a headset and try out the various features currently available. To be able to conceptualise what a VR-filled futre of online gaming would look like, here are three major changes that we predict will happen.

#1 Remote Gaming (Of course)

This means that customers can virtually enter VR casinos from almost anywhere, whether they are relaxing at home or on the bus to work. Every time you put on the glasses, you are immersed in a new reality that transports you directly to the heart of the action at the casino. For providers, this offers a huge opportunity to promote the involvement of players in the game world, especially the younger target group among the players.

#2 Hiring and Training of Employees

The potential of VR goes beyond simply increasing the gaming experience. VR is a great way to make life easier for casino operators when it comes to efficient business operations. This applies in particular to the recruiting and training of their employees in accordance with the high standards that casino visitors now place at casinos.

Take croupiers for example. VR enables them to be trained remotely. A casino operator can easily develop a training app that, from the perspective of VR glasses, moves the dealer to a gaming table – whether blackjack, baccarat or roulette. Everything the dealer sees is real: the cards, the chips, the table and the players.

The program teaches them the rules of the game, when and how the cards are to be given and how fair and transparent gameplay can be guaranteed. Some of the game simulations may include a player who aims to cheat while playing . A damaged deck of cards can also be simulated – situations that may occur rarely in the real world, but can nevertheless occur.

This enables the croupiers to prepare for a whole range of different situations and scenarios and to practice how they have to behave in the individual cases. But in contrast to the classic training programs, VR transports the prospective dealers to a real world casino, where things are quick, exciting and lively. This differs from the usual lifeless, non-authentic exercises.

As a result, croupier training will meet the highest standards. This is absolutely essential for the success of real casinos. The croupiers not only maintain the integrity of the games played and thus the casino, but are also the central contact person for customers who spend their time in the casino, especially table games.

#3 Casino Marketing

VR will also revolutionize the casino industry in other ways , because casino operators will be able to carry out innovative advertising and marketing campaigns and improve entertainment options that are already on offer. These can be VR shows and performances or VR films shown in hotel rooms.

Technology is just beginning. But since it is already in the consciousness of 92% of people, it will not be long before owning VR glasses will be as common as owning a television or smartphone. The casino industry has always pushed technical boundaries and the use of VR glasses fits exactly in this pattern.

VR heralds the era of a new reality for the gaming industry. One that is more immersive and involves the player more in the game. In short, it will be more exciting than ever. The adaptation will be quick, so it is extremely important for casinos and the broader industry to integrate the technology into their offer right now in order to remain at the forefront of development.

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